Absolute Dance has an award-winning troupe that has swept the competitive world by storm winning top studio multiple times, placing first overall in many categories, and receiving numerous choreography awards.  

Troupe dancers will travel within the southwestern Ontario area to compete in 4 different competitions per year. These competitions are a highlight for our dancers not only to showcase their talent and hard work but also to create life-long memories and a lasting bond with their team. Whether dancers have just joined or have been apart of it for many years, inclusivity and having fun is our main goal.

Auditions are held in June each year for the upcoming season.

the competitive troupe

Is competitive dance a large time commitment?

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Dancers are in the studio anywhere from 1-3 times a week depending on level/age. Dancers will also compete in four competitions per year (four weekends), as well as perform in the showcase and recital each year. Similar to any other competitive sport, dance will take up a fair amount of time but the goal is to keep their schedule manageable. Troupe classes are mandatory as are all competitions, showcase and recital. It is expected that dancers and parents be prepared for the time commitment to the team.

how much dance experience is needed?

There is no set level of dance experience needed to try-out for our competitive team. They are evaluated and placed in the appropriate category for their age and skill level.

How can I prepare my dancer for competitive dance?

If you have a dancer who isn’t quite ready for the troupe, they can be better prepared by practicing in multiple disciplines through our recreational programs. This not only exposes them to various styles which will be mandatory in order to compete but also prepares them for the time commitment of multiple days at the studio. 

What are the fees for competitive dance?

The average investment for our Competitive dancers is between $1500-$3000 for the Season. This includes all of their tech and choreography classes. 
These fees are dependent on the number of offers a dancer accepts, and the time commitment that works for each student's schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: costumes are an additional cost.

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